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Now Stocking Buzzies

Buzzies is back! And we couldn't be more excited about it. These folks have always grown fire, and we've got an impressive lineup to discuss.

Strains Available

1) Strawberry Skunk - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

The scent of this strain is absolutely hypnotizing – it smells like strawberries you could eat! The buds are comprised of calyxes piled on top of each other giving the appearance of little strawberry nuggets making up the formation. The strawberry sweetness hits your pallet while the high creeps up on you leaving a lifted mood behind. This is a mellow high so a great daily driver strain or for those with lower tolerances.


Afghani (x Morocco Probably) x Super Star

2) Jet Pie - Indica Dominant Hybrid

This strain delivers a sweet and soothing body stone with a lifted cerebral effect. It has sweet flavors of diesel fuel and sweet pine.

3) Tangie - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Open a jar of this in a room and you’ll have people flocking wondering what that sweet, sweet tangerine smell is. It’s no surprise that Crockett Family Farm’s tasty Tangie has won every contest it has been entered in with a nose like that and flavor to boot! Tangie’s high is clear, fun, and upbeat helping stress and depression drift away with each puff.

4) Double Deja Vu - Indica Dominant Hybrid

With its heady effects and long-lasting high, this bud is perfect for any indica lover who needs significant mind and body relief. You'll feel an influx of lifting euphoria soon after you finish your last toke, slowly inching its way through your brain and pushing out any negative thoughts. A sense of creative focus comes next, playing perfectly with your pure happiness and ease. A deep sense of permeating relaxation comes next, filling both mind and body with its comforting tendrils and leaving you slightly sedated, although still mentally aware.

5) East Coast Sour Diesel - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

If you like cannabis with a diesel aroma, you’ll love the East Coast Sour Diesel! It’s a sativa dominant strain that uniquely has a body-sedating affect. Fear not, this strain is also powerfully cerebral.

6) Larry's Lemon Cookies - Indica Dominant Hybrid

This GSC’s cross has everything we love about GSC: skunky nose with a slight sweet tang, hybrid balance of calming the body while activating the mind.


Electric Larry Land x GSC


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