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Now Stocking Method Cannabis

We couldn't be more excited to be expanding our lineup of premium flower supplies to include Method Cannabis.

Method is a cannabis company that prioritizes cultivating the finest cannabis possible by combining the "latest and greatest farming techniques" with "cutting-edge technology in a substantial, data-driven grow operation..."

From Method:

"There's an art to fine cannabis... The tools only matter if they're in the hands of professionals who not only possess expert knowledge, but also an insatiable drive to explore what's next, and a culture committed to curiosity.

Method in the combination of art and science to provide the ultimate cannabis experience for novices and connoisseurs alike. Uniquely exceptional flower requires a uniquely exceptional method, crafted by experts in genetics with a focus on consistency and quality.

Method is the approach, the technique, the process, all in the service of one goal - the best smoke you ever had."

Strains Available:

Cosmic Honey - Sativa Hybrid

Cosmic Honey - Sativa Hybrid - Green, Frosty Bud with Orange Hairs
Cosmic Honey from Method

Black Patronus - Hybrid

Black Patronus - Hybrid - Dark Purple, Frosty Bud with Orange Hairs
Black Patronus from Method

Black Scotti - Indica Hybrid

Black Scotti - Indica Hybrid - Dark Purple, Frosty Bud with Orange Hairs
Black Scotti from Method

Purple Apricot Punch - Indica Hybrid

Purple Apricot Punch - Indica Hybrid - Frosty, Green & Purple Bud
Purple Apricot Punch


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