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2023 MVP Holiday Guide

Advertisement "New Year, Fresh Products"

The holiday season has arrived and we're gearing up for our annual holiday event!

Whether you're shopping for yourself or your loved ones, we understand that it can be challenging to find products that best address the wants and needs of all those involved.

To help simplify your holiday shopping experience, our team has put together a few recommendations for this season's stocking stuffers!

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Our Recommendations

Snowblind Cannabis Beanie - $19.99

Freshly embroidered with the Snowblind logo and our "Maine Grown, Maine Owned" slogan, snag one of these warm and affordable beanies before they're gone!


Buy 1 OZ of flower and get one of these beanies for FREE!

Disposable Cartridges - Starting at $22

Snowblind Cannabis Disposable Cartridges
Snowblind Cannabis Disposable Cartridges

Available in .5g to 1g sizes, Disposable Cartridges are a convenient and customizable stocking stuffer for that special "cannasseur."

With a wide variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains, we make it easy to find a cartridge that you know your loved ones will enjoy.


All Disposable Cartridges are Buy One, Get One 50% Off.

2-Gram Snowblind Cannabis Specialty Prerolls - $20

Snowblind Cannabis 2-Gram Backwoods Rolls
Snowblind Cannabis 2G Backwoods Rolls

Snowblind Cannabis 2G Speciality Prerolls are the perfect stocking stuffer or New Year's addition!

Containing 2 grams of premium flower and rolled with a specialized wooden filter, the smoking experience that this preroll offers is second to none. They're also perfect for a session of puff-puff-pass!

As an added perk, all shoppers enrolled in Maple Valley Pharms' Loyalty Program earn $2 back!*

Snowblind Cannabis Preroll 5-Packs: Starting at $35

Snowblind Cannabis Preroll 5-Pack
Snowblind Cannabis Preroll 5-Pack

Rolled with premium flower and packaged in a sleek child-resistant package, Snowblind Cannabis Preroll 5-Packs come in a variety of strain & effect options.

If you're someone who has a hard time choosing, 5-Packs are a great way to sample individual strains OR savor the strains you love the most!

Snowblind Cannabis Stash Jars - Starting at $18

This time of year, the cold and dry air can make it hard to keep loose flower and prerolls fresh and well-cured.

Snowblind Cannabis Stash Jars are designed to keep your loose flower and prerolls fresh by blocking light and airflow.

*All earnings as in-store credit available during subsequent transactions.


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