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Flower Drop | 1/8oz - $30

Gorilla Zkittlez - Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Gorilla Zkittlez is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid strain known for its chocolate and diesel aromas. On the exhale, users have reported sweet and tropical flavors.

As a strong indica-leaner, its effects tend to be creative, euphoric and relaxing.

Moonshine - Sativa

A classic sativa strain, Moonshine is known for its hard-hitting effects that leave you motivated and productive. Its flavor and aroma are notably citrusy with hints of spice, grapefruit and herbs.

OG Kush - Indica

According to, OG Kush is an American classic boasting exceptionally high THC levels (19-24%).

Its effects are known to impact the body, inducing euphoria, relaxation and a bit of an appetite! In terms of its aroma and flavor, OG Kush has a strong pine scent and woody/lemony notes on the exhale.

Pink Kush - Indica-Leaning Hybrid

Pink Kush is a heavy indica and a genetic relative of the legendary OG Kush. Its effects are also similar to those of OG Kush (powerful body high, relaxation and munchies) but its flavor and aroma profile is notably sweeter and more floral.


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