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Maple Valley Pharms


All of us at Maple Valley Pharms couldn't be more excited to announce the arrival of 4/20/2024! 

We have BIG plans for this year's festivities. See below!


Gift Bags

The first 250 shoppers to make a $35+ purchase on 4/20 get A gift bag!

Gift bags are first come, first serve. Get yours before we run out!


15% off Storewide

This 15% discount can be combined with MVP Loyalty Program discounts.


get up to 25% off everything in-store!


Raffle Prizes


Everyone* who visits Maple Valley Pharms between april 1st and April 20th has the opportunity to enter our raffle. There are three prizes available: 


Grand Prize: 


2nd Place Prize:

3rd Place Prize:


* Must be 18+ with a medical card.


Q: How do I enter the raffle?

A purchase of (1) eighth of Snowblind Cannabis Flower earns you (1) raffle ticket. You can earn up to 20 tickets per transaction (2.5 Ounces of Snowblind Cannabis Flower). 

Tickets are then dropped into the raffle jar at the Maple Valley Pharms storefront. 

Note: All tickets must be entered with a valid phone number.

Q: When will raffle winners be announced?

Raffle tickets will be drawn after Maple Valley Pharms closes at 8pm on April 20th, 2024. Winners will be contacted on April 21st using the phone number provided on the raffle ticket. 

Q: What can I expect in a gift bag?

Many of the businesses and brands that we carry in store have generously contributed some of their most popular products to be included in this year's 4/20 gift bags!


Special thanks to Snowblind Cannabis, Warren's Cannabis Creations, Zero Gravity Cannabis, B's Trees / Maine Trees, Mighty Viking, Refine / Iron Lung and Curated Cannabis Co!

Gift Bag Combos may include:


THC Caramels

THC Lollipops



THC Gummies

Custom Lighters

Custom Stickers and Magnets

*Please be aware that gift bags may not all contain the same combination of items. 

Q: Can I get more than one gift bag?

A: Because we want to provide gift bags to as many of our patients as possible, we are limiting gift bags to 1 per patient. 

Q: Are you medical or recreational?

A: Maple Valley Pharms is a medical cannabis facility. This means that all shoppers need to hold a valid medical card and photo ID in order to make a THC purchase.

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