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New Vendor Alert - Ascension Farm

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NEW - Combo Pucks from Ascension Farm

Dropping the Week of 8/30: We're excited to announce the arrival of a new brand at Maple Valley Pharms!

Ascension Farm is a Southern Maine based company supplying high quality flower, concentrates and more. As a new brand with Maple Valley Pharms, the product lineup is as follows:

Flower (Gold-Tier):

Wedding Pie (Indica-Leaning Hybrid)

Wedding Cake (Indica-Leaning Hybrid)

Mai Tai Zkittlez (Balanced Hybrid)


Wedding Pie .5g / Luxuriotti .5g Live Rosin Badder Combo Puck (Indica-Leaning Hybrid & Hybrid, Respectively)

Blue Cookies 1g Badder (Indica)

Topanga Canyon 1g Badder (Indica)

Irish Cannonball 1g Live Rosin Badder (Indica)

Wedding Pie 1g Live Rosin (Indica-Leaning Hybrid)

Wedding Cake 1g Badder (Indica-Leaning Hybrid)

Chem Cake 1g Badder (Indica-Leaning Hybrid)

Jungle Juice 1g Badder (Balanced Hybrid)

Visit our online menu for additional details and pricing information.


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