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Flower Pricing Tiers - Equal Access to High Quality Cannabis

A common practice in the cannabis industry is to price flower based on perceived quality. Since we opened our doors in 2018, one of our highest priorities has been to ensure that our patients have fair access to affordable, high quality cannabis products from across Maine.

One way we have accomplished this for our patients is by tiering flower prices according to the price we pay at wholesale.

Flower vendors in the Maine Cannabis Industry sell bulk product at price points that can vary widely. This variation is due to several factors that impact each individual vendor differently. These factors can include but are not limited to:

1) Labor Costs

2) Transportation Costs

3) Packaging Costs

4) Utility Costs

5) Supply and Demand Conditions in the Market

Maple Valley Pharms recognizes these impacts and strives to find a balance between the needs of our patients and our vendors' hard work. This is why we created Flower Pricing Tiers:

Bronze Tier:

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Gold Tier Sour Kush

1/8 ounce: $20

1/4 ounce: $35

1/2 ounce: $65

1 ounce: $125

Silver Tier:

1/8 ounce: $30

1/4 ounce: $55

1/2 ounce: $105

1 ounce: $190

Gold Tier:

1/8 ounce: $35

1/4 ounce: $65

1/2 ounce: $125

1 ounce: $240

Sugar Black Rose, Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Cannabis in Waterville, Dispensary, Dispensary in Waterville
Bronze Tier - Sugar Black Rose

Platinum Tier:

1/8 ounce: $40

1/4 ounce: $75

1/2 ounce: $150

1 ounce: $280

This pricing structure, in conjunction with the MVP Loyalty Program, ensures that all of our patients have fair and equal access to high quality medicine in each tier.


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