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Flower Feature - Northwoods Wellness

Northwoods Wellness - November Flower Feature

As one of the most widely known flower & extract brands in Maine, and a staple at Maple Valley Pharms, all of our staff await each product drop with excitement and anticipation.

Northwoods Wellness is one of the great Maine brands known for its quality and consistency. In the years that we've held their products, we have never been disappointed. The latest flower drop is no exception!

1) GMO (GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies)

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Northwoods Wellness - GMO

When a Cannasseur (Cannabis Connoisseur) thinks of GMO, the first thing they are likely to recall is its incredible Fuel, Garlic, Mushroom and Onion aroma. As a powerful indica, the strain's exceptionally heavy effects follow soon after.

When it comes to Northwoods Wellness GMO, you're in for a great reminder of why it is a classic and a favorite in the cannabis universe.

2) Sunset Mints

Northwoods Wellness, Sunset Mints, Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Marijuana, Cannabis in Waterville, Marijuana in Waterville, Cannabis Waterville
Northwoods Wellness - Sunset Mints

Sunset Mints is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that packs a well-rounded punch. The high begins almost immediately with the first exhale - the mind fills with giddiness and euphoria. As time goes on, your euphoria will graduate to happiness and an energy that may leave you chatting up the locals! Further down the road, a sense of calm and relaxation rounds out the experience.

While you enjoy this strain's effects, take note of its citrus, mint and herbal taste!

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3) Gary Payton (Cookies Gary Payton)

Gary Payton, Cookies Gary Payton, Northwoods Wellness, Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Marijuana, Cannabis, Cannabis in Waterville, Marijuana in Waterville, Dispensary in Waterville, Weed Waterviille
Northwoods Wellness - Gary Payton

Gary Payton is a new strain at Maple Valley Pharms, and one of the more sought out strains in the industry at the moment. As a well balanced hybrid that hits hard, fast and lasts, Gary Payton is typically recommended to more experienced cannabis patients. As you take your first few puffs, you will notice, with some immediacy, a launch into pure euphoria. Further down the road, patients have reported slower but determined uplifting effects and a well-settled boost to focus.

While you enjoy this strain's effects, take note of its diesel, earth, spicy and sweet flavors!

A Note on Northwoods Wellness Calyx Containers

Calyx Container, Calyx, Premium Cannabis Storage
Northwoods Wellness Calyx Container

Calyx Containers is a company specializing in premium and reliable cannabis storage solution.

With its child-proof locking cap, Calyx Containers are scientifically proven to minimize air exchange, regulate humidity (58% - 62%) and block UV rays. Your cannabis couldn't be better protected!


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