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Flower Drop - Green Fellas Cannabis Company

We're excited to announce the addition of two premium cannabis strains to our current flower lineup. Thanks to Green Fellas Cannabis Company, Rainbow Chip and Banana Cake are in the house!

1) Rainbow Chip - Indica Leaning Hybrid

Rainbow Chip is one of our personal favorites at Maple Valley Pharms. Boasting flavors of chocolate, citrus and fresh fruit, it is sure to delight the senses. The high is just as fun as the flavor profile - immediately upon exhale, the mind becomes heavy. This heaviness is accompanied by a full body buzz that promotes a sense of arousal. After some time, you may notice your mind lifting into euphoria and focus.

2) Banana Cake - Indica Dominant Hybrid

While "Banana" strains are fairly common at Maple Valley Pharms, "Banana Cake" is a new and a welcome addition. While most Banana terpene profiles emphasize the sweetness of the flower, Banana Cake possesses earthier and more subtle aromas / flavors. In addition to this subtlety, the high creeps in slowly but surely. The initial effects tend to be euphoric and tingly, slowly boiling down to full body relaxation and comfortable sedation.


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