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4/20/22 Special Event

4/20 is almost here, and we've got gift bags, sales and prizes lined up to celebrate! We will be open 9AM - 7PM.

First, a special "thank you" to the brands sponsoring our 4/20 Special Event:

...and Warren's Cannabis Creations.

4/20 Gift Bags

We're starting 4/20 the right way and giving free gift bags to the first 100 patients to visit! We know you don't want to miss out - each bag will contain a variety of Maple Valley Pharms merch, THC products from our vendors and a free t-shirt.

Possible Gift Bag Item Assortments

All Bags

1 x Maple Valley Pharms T-Shirt

1 x Maple Valley Pharms Die-Cut Magnet

1 x Maple Valley Pharms Die-Cut Sticker

1 x Maple Valley Pharms Clipper Lighter

Some Bags

Warren's Cannabis Creations:

1g Vape Cartridges

100mg Chocolate Bars

50mg Lollipops

50mg Caramels

Zero Gravity Cannabis:

Custom Zero Gravity Stickers

Custom Zero Gravity Lighters

Custom Zero Gravity Rolling Papers

4/20 Sales & Special Offers

In addition to the sales on apparel and our electric dab rigs, we will be offering significant discounts on premium-tier flower and concentrates!

Lodestar Cannabis Flower

$30 Eighths & $55 Quarters On:

Gorilla Glue #5 (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Gorilla Glue #5 Strain
Gorilla Glue #5 from Lodestar Cannabis

Gorilla Glue #4 (Sativa-Leaning Hybrid)

Gorilla Glue #4 Strain
Gorilla Glue #4 from Lodestar Cannabis

Save $10 on Eighths and $20 on Quarters!


Zero Gravity Cannabis Sunset Runtz Sugar: $25/G (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Sunset Runtz Sugar
Sunset Runtz Sugar from Zero Gravity Cannabis

Northwoods Wellness Apple Fritter Badder: $25/G and $40/2G (Sativa-Leaning Hybrid)

Apple Fritter Badder
Apple Fritter Badder from Northwoods Wellness

Grand Prizes

In addition to the Gift Bags and Sales, we will have two grand prizes for two lucky winners! At the end of the day, winners will be chosen randomly from the pool of patients that visit Maple Valley Pharms on 4/20. Grand Prize Bags will contain an assortment of product from brands such as Zero Gravity Cannabis, Maple Valley Pharms and more! The total value of each gift bag will be at least $65.


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