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MVP Delivery Update

MVP Delivery - Now delivering up to 50 miles!
MVP Delivery

All of us here at Maple Valley Pharms are excited to announce that, as of April 7th, we have implemented a discounted fee structure for delivery orders placed within 5 miles and expanded our service area to 50 miles!

order minimums and fee structures are as follows:

​Distance from Store

Order Minimum

​Delivery Fee

0-5 Miles



5-15 Miles



15-20 Miles



20-30 Miles



30-40 Miles



​40-50 Miles



In order to take advantage of MVP Delivery order minimums and fee structures, all orders must be placed through our website. This service is not available through Weedmaps Delivery.

Debit Cards and Cash Accepted

We want your shopping and delivery experience to be easy and hassle-free. When paying with a debit card, you are charged the exact amount as displayed on your receipt. No debit or ATM fees! When paying with cash, we give change to the nearest dollar.

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